Long time no write and welcome to my new blog!  If you are new to it and want to read my back story, my old blog is available here.

A lot has changed since the last blog I wrote. I have a new man (and are living over the brush as my Mother would say-naughty me!) a doggy, a new job and a new nephew!

Buddy (a 17 month old Pomeranian) keeps us on our toes but he is the closest thing to a child that I may ever get, so even when he is naughty I fully admit I am soft with him! I love showing him off on walks and the way he greets me when I come home from work or even just after being out of the room for 5 minutes melts my heart.

buddy on bed

I am loving working as a Teaching Assistant in a nursery attached to a school and the people I work with are fab.

I also still have the same group of close friends who are always there when I need them and as always my family, particularly my Mum (who is also my best friend) who still attends every hospital appointment with me.

me and mumI am currently studying at the University of Chester to gain my Masters Degree in Early Childhood, it is part time and I can take it at my own pace, it’s hardwork but will be worth it in the end.

In 2014 I was also lucky enough to spend an amazing weekend in Dublin with a fabulous group of girls.

dublin girls

The family welcomed my new nephew Finley Joe on 30th July 2014, this is him now at 5 months old!

finley 5 months

I also met my other half this year, A. This has been the standout highlight of 2014. He has seen me at my best and worst, he doesn’t care if I have a meltdown and snot all over him when I’m crying but most importantly he makes me laugh until my sides hurt.   (I’m hoping he doesn’t read this and hears me being soppy about him!) But I am the happiest I have ever been, and I feel safe when I am with him.

aid and budThe two men in my life!

But 2014 will always be tinged with sadness, it is the year I lost one of the most inspirational friends I have ever had the pleasure to have. Miss Emily Thackray. I can’t bring myself to write about her yet, there is a gaping hole in the world right now and I will put my thoughts down when I have gathered them together and can do her justice.  I will miss you more than you know Emily the Carrot.

emily and holly2014 saw my health take a decline and I know 2015 will be tough, I know I will get through it with the help of my friends, family, A and even Buddy. There will, however, be one person missing, ‘Our Em’ she would know exactly what to say to me right now but I know one thing I will ‘Live with a little Sparkle’ just as she would want.



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