My Boys

A has been fantastic, wiping away my tears (and snot) and just generally making me laugh at all opportunities.

None of this has frightened him off (in all honesty I knew it wouldn’t) and he’s decided that as long as he doesn’t have to “wipe my ar$e” (his words) he will go out of his way to look after me. “I’ll even wash your hair if you want me to!” (I wouldn’t trust him, I’m not going to tell him that, but it’s nice for him to offer).

So I’ve assured him there will be no bum wiping needed, but on a serious note he’s been googling dialysis, kidneys and transplants till his heart is content. He’s been to appointments, taxied me when I’ve been too tired to drive and spent many an hour in A and E with me and I appreciate it, more than he knows. He is now an expert in all renal function tests, blood test parameters and most of my tablets.

Me and my parents have 10 years experience of medical terms, hospital visits and the likes under our belts. A is new to all this and is taking to it like a duck to water.

I know my parents worry a lot (and nothing will stop them worrying) but I hope they feel less concerned than last time. I’m 10 years older (maybe not wiser) and A is doing a great job of looking after me – I hope they feel less pressure.

“My Boys” are a great distraction and I thank them for that.


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