You may have read my blog about living donation and how people are trying to talk me into it and the look of almost disgust when I say I won’t even consider it.  Well I often get a strange look when I say that when I do start dialysis again, I want to do haemodialysis.

Not that I feel I have to explain myself but this is a blog for telling you all about my journey so I will try and put into words why I want to do haemo over peritoneal dialysis.  Again it’s my choice, my opinion and you are entitled to take what you want to away from this blog.

Why Haemodialysis?

  • I did haemo last time so I know what to expect.
  • I only have to do it 3 times a week for 3 hours at a time
  • I don’t have to have 2/3 litres of fluid in my stomach everyday (looking pregnant)
  • I don’t have to do it myself – the nurses take care of it.  With haemo, I can’t cheat myself.  With CAPD and APD it is my responsibility to carry out the treatment.
  • I don’t have to have a catheter in my abdoman which would mean I couldn’t bathe or swim.  Infection is also a risk with a catheter.
  • I wouldn’t have to have medical equipment at my appartment (it’s only small)
  • I can do haemodialysis abroad (without taking medical equipment with me)
  • I don’t have to choose what time I go to bed/wake up (with APD you have to do 8-10 hours overnight)
  • It won’t interrupt work (CAPD has to be done 4 times a day for 30minutes a time – I don’t know when I would fit that in!)

So like I said, these are just my opinions, they are not necessarily right and I totally understand people will disagree.  There are many advantages to peritoneal dialysis but it’s not for me.

Click here to read more about dialysis.


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