A-Z of Me

The A – Z of me.

Learn a bit more about me with my very own A-Z.

A is for… My A, Aidan, who I love very much.
B is for… Brother – I have an older one and as much as he winds me up I do love him.
C is for… Children –  I love children, working with them is definately the career for me.  Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to become a Mummy and have a child of my own.
D is for… Dialysis – what this blog is all about, my journey back on the road to dialysis.
E is for…Emily – my friend, inspiration and now guardian angel.  Gone but never forgotten.
F is for… Family – love them to bits, not a day goes by where I don’t see/speak to them.
G is for… My Girls – Would be lost without them, nights in or nights out, it’s always fun!
H is for… Hope – without hope we have nothing.
I is for… Interesting – I like to think I’m interesting.  Well you wouldn’t be reading this I guess if you weren’t a little bit interested 😉
J is for… Jokes – Anyone who can make me laugh is a winner! A, cracks me up all the time!
K is for… Kissing – can’t beat a good smooch!
L is for… Life – a blessing that should never be taken for granted.
M is for…Music – not a day goes by that I don’t listen to music, I wouldn’t be able to live without spotify! Music has the knack of bringing back memories and transporting you to a place or moment in time.
N is for… Neices and Nephews – My Neice is 6 (going on 16), I have a Nephew who is 4 and one who is nearly 6 months old! They make me smile, even on the darkest if days.
O is for… Optimistic – I like to think I am a positive person.
P is for… Pink – my favourite colour!
Q is for… Quotes – I love a good old sentimental quote.  My favourite being “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.” Which I have tattooed on my back.
R is for… Rainbow – I love seeing rainbows, a beautiful act of mother nature.
S is for… Shoes – I love them! I have far too many pairs and I am incapable of walking in heels (but they look so pretty!)
T is for…Tattoos – I have 5 currently and can’t wait to add to my collection.
U is for… University – I’m a sucker for learning and I am currently completing a Masters in Early Childhood at the University of Chester – this is my 3rd time at University.
V is for… Vacation (Ok, yes, I am cheating as it’s an American word) – I love holidays! I am looking forward to spending time with A, just me and him next month at Center Parcs and we also have a family holiday to Malta to look forward to in July (I’m hoping I can stay dialysis free until then.)
W is for… Worrier – I am a worrier, no matter how much make up I put on or how much I smile, behind it all I do worry.  I worry more for other people than myself, mainly A and my family.
X is for… X-Rays – the only word I could think of beginning with X.  I’ve had many of these!
Y is for… Yummy – I love food, especially my Mum’s roast dinner!
Z is for… Zoo – I love a trip to the Zoo, you are never too old!

Hope that gives you a bit of insight into me, my life and what makes me happy!


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