I am quite lucky that I don’t take that many tablets.  Here is a list of them and what they do (if any of you are interested)

Tacrolimus 2mg twice a day – this is an anti-rejection drug.  The levels of this drug in my blood is monitored quite closely.

MMF 500mg twice a day – another anti-rejection drug

Prednisilone 1mg –  A steroid and part of my anti-rejection routine.  This is a reducing dose.  I started off on 20mg.

Amlodpine 5mg – a blood pressure tablet

Lansoprazole 30mg – a stomach tablet which helps with acid due to all the other tablets I take.

Asprin 75mg – a blood thinner.

Bisopralol 5mg twice a day – a beta-blocker that is used to stabalise my blood pressure.

Atorvastatin 10mg – a cholesterol tablet.

Calcichew 500mg 4 times a day – to control my sodium levels and treat my acidosis.

Magnaspartate – a sachet of granules mixed with water that controls my magnesium.

Alendronic acid 70mg – once a week to help my bones.  They weaken due to the steroids.

Cyclizine Hudrochloride 50mg – for nausea .

Furosemide 40mg
– to help with water retention.


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