Not much to tell really.  I’m still not back at work and spend my days resting (which is what my body is telling me to do at the moment).  I have no car at the minute so my parents and A have been fantastic ferrying me around, and when I say ferrying me around I mean from my house to my parents house, to the doctors, to the hospital and if its a really exciting day a trip to get some food supplies from the supermarket (we vary which one too, to make it even more exciting!).  I do know how to live on the wild side!

On Saturday I was due to spend the whole day at University (9.30am-4.30pm).  I was proud of myself for getting up and going, my parents spent time in Chester whilst I managed to stay until 12.30.   My latest module is called Children and Communities and looks to be an interesting one, which will require a lot of reading around the subject (something that I struggle with because of lack of concentration – due to the build up of toxins in my blood).

Today I am doing that lovely thing again of collecting my wee for 24hours in preparation for my blood tests tomorrow morning and clinic on Monday.  As well as seing my consultant on Monday, I will be having vein mapping on both of my arms.  Vein mapping is an ultrasound which focusses on the blood flow in the arms, this will then determine my access for dialysis and whether it will be in my right arm (possibly reforming the fistula I already have) or creating a brand new one in my left arm.  The fistula procedure is a surgical operation in which a vein is joined to an artery to create a high volume of blood flowing through the arm so dialysis can be possible.  I have had a fistula operation done previously under local anesthetic and it wasn’t very pleasant, so when the time comes I will be requesting that it be done under general anesthetic this time.


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