I have good days and bad days and I know that on a good day I need to get my bum in gear and do the things that need to get done and also do things that I want to do.

The bad days are outweighing the good days at the moment so this makes the good days all the more important.

Me and A had been planning a weekend away in his families cottage but to cut a long story short it fell through. A, was adamant that we were still going to wales and so we set off on Saturday morning, packing a bag incase I was well enough to stay the night. I felt ok so we booked a travelodge for that night in Caernarfon.

We headed to the Welsh Mountain Zoo and had great fun looking at all the animals (particularly the monkeys). We spent about 2 hours there – although it was small there was a lot to see and a lot of walking and my legs had already started to swell and build up with fluid, but the hobbling and pain was worth it.

We got back in the car (I was so glad of a sit down) and headed to Swallow Falls waterfall, a place where A had been as a child and he wanted to show me. There were steps down to the waterfall and I knew on the way down that getting back up would be a struggle but I was determined to do it not only for myself but for A too. It was worth it, the view was stunning and as I thought I nearly passed out on the way back up the steps but I’m so glad I did it.

From there we headed to the hotel in Caernarfon. I was glad for a rest and put some pillows under my feet to see if the swelling would go down. After a rest we headed out for food, it was delicious but the portions were massive! We went back after the food and watched tele – I felt bad on A who I knew wanted to walk into the town but I knew that I would be good for nothing the next day if I did anymore.

And as I thought, the next morning I woke to feeling like I had been hit by a bus. My whole body hurt. Luckily checkout wasn’t till 12 so I was able to have a lie in and have a slow start. We drove into Caernarfon for breakfast and then drove over to Anglesey, the views were stunning and A showed me lots of places he visited as a child. Luckily he understood I felt ill and he gave me the guided tour by car.

We visited Beaumaris Castle
and I managed a little walk round and inside it. We took some lovely pictures. After that I’d had enough walking so we went for a drive back on the mainland and up round the mountains, again taking some stunning photos (you wouldn’t believe some of them were taken from the comfort of the car.)

We got lost, had no signal to get the sat nav to work but I didn’t care. As A said “all roads lead to home” and it was an adventure (plus I didn’t have to walk.)

The views were breathtaking. I’m so glad I felt well enough to go. Again today I am paying for it and it’s back to reality. My whole body is aching, my legs are swollen and I’m out of breath when walking.

I’m currently sat in clinic waiting for the consultant. Looking through my pictures of the weekend, wishing we were still there and not here. Here’s a few of my favourites for you…
















One thought on “Wales

  1. You’re singing my song! I started following your blog a couple of weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend of mine. I read your posts, and they read just like mine. I haven’t gone all the way through yet, but do you mind sharing what caused your kidneys to fail? I suffer from FSGS…just started dialysis back in November. The picture of your swollen legs…THAT sticks with me (I’ve also posted several similar photos on my blog 🙂


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