Well I’ve quickly learnt the world of benefits is a maze. I’m still not entirely sure what I’m entitled to. I’ve started by applying for ESA, as I said previously my pay went down to half on the 31st January, my pay will go down to nil on the 25th February. I will get Statutory Sick Pay until the 25th July which is a measly £87 a week but even that will stop then. I’m paying £200 off my mortgage each month and that’s without any bills whatsoever. That leaves me with roughly £150 a month. Food, bills and the running of my car.

Money wasn’t a big issue last time round, I was a student, living at home and my parents saw me right. Thankfully they are still supporting me with all I do, but I can’t help worrying.

I do like little luxuries in life but by no means am I extravagant. Me and A very rarely go out and I certainly don’t drink my money away. So from February to July if I don’t get accepted for benefits I will have to live on £87 a week. I have a holiday to pay for (thankfully My Auntie is offering to pay for the dialysis when we are away). If I didn’t have my parents how would I cope? How is anyone meant to pay mortgage, bills, for food and run a car and live on £87 a week.

Major changes will have to be made.

By no means am I ungrateful, I know there are many many people worse off than me, people who don’t have a roof over their heads and people that rely on food banks to feed their kids. I certainly don’t want people to read this and feel sorry for me. Life is the way it is, I have people around me that love me that is the main thing. I have no right to moan but I could really do without the added stress of money worries on top of being ill right now.


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