Fingers crossed all round…

Thanks so much for everyone’s advice and comments regarding my last post. I’m on track now and will keep you updated on my progress.

A and I booked a break away to Center Parcs all the way back in September when everything was normal (well as normal as I get) before Ivy had other ideas and threw a hissy fit. I’ve not really mentioned it on here as I was unsure if I would be well enough to go. I’m at clinic weekly now, so have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am then some blood tests and fingers crossed I get the all clear to go.

I’m disappointed that I won’t be able to do all the things I wanted to do whilst we are there, but this will be my last opportunity to have a dialysis free break away and I’m not going to take it for granted. It will be so lovely to spend time with A, all the time I’ve been off he’s been working hard so it’s just what we need at a stressful time right now. We are going from Monday to Friday and my parents will be coming up for the day on Wednesday so that will be nice, they deserve a treat too after all the worry and running around I am causing them! I’ve done a mammoth food shop to save money on eating out, I will just be thankful for a change of scenery. Somewhere that’s not my apartment, the olds house or the hospital!

I had a phone call from the Aranesp suppliers, they will be delivering my injections on Friday (what a lovely welcome home present) and I will have to get in touch with my practice nurse to arrange going to see her to administer them. (I’m hoping between now and then I will pluck up the courage to do it myself in the near future)!

So fingers crossed I get the benefits I’m entitled to, fingers crossed I will get on well with the Aranesp and most importantly fingers crossed I get the all clear to go to Center Parcs… They’ll have a fight on their hands if they try and stop me!!!


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