Rewind a week to the 16th and Monday morning came round all too fast again which means only one thing clinic day. I went for bloods before my appointment and dropped off my 24hour sample, this was the first time they had taken blood from my right arm in 10 years as this has previously had a fistula in. My left arm now has to be avoided for blood tests and blood pressure checks, so it will be my right one from now on. I don’t know if it’s psychological but getting my blood pressure done seems to hurt more on my right arm.

Anyway back to clinic, I’m not going to call it a joke as I know some of my medical professional read this blog, I’m going to call it more useless. I saw a registrar – who don’t get me wrong was very polite and introduced himself to both me and my Mum shaking our hands etc.

He looked at my results and said dialysis was a while off, I said I’m going to be booked in for access and he responded with I don’t think so, you don’t need it yet. I then explained the situation and he soon changed his tune. I then said I was going to do heamodialysis so he tried to talk me out of that and into PD. He asked if I had done dialysis before (yes, you have my notes in front of you) and also asked what medication I was on (again my notes are there, they are unlikely to change in a week). Anyways he didn’t instil much confidence so I didn’t even tell him I was going away in the end, I thought if they need me they have my number. Before I left he increased my water tablets to 80mg in the morning and 80mg at night as well as throwing a new tablet (the ace-inhibitor) into the mix Ramipril 2.5mg once a day. Nothing much else to report. Just waiting for a date for my fistula operation.

So Center Parcs was a go… We weren’t able to do all the things we wanted to do due to me being tired, lacking energy and my legs being sore and swollen, but it was exactly what we needed. Time away from everything, time together and time to make good memories before some rough times ahead…

Photo blog to follow!


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