An eventful morning at clinic. My pre-op went well and the surgery for my new Fistula is scheduled for the 13th of March (and yes I know before anyone says it, it’s a Friday!)

The pre-op consisted of the lead clinician asking me the usual questions, about medication etc. He explained the side effects and risks of the surgery and how it will be done. He also took my blood pressure – which was high. I took my Bp tablets in the hope it would lower it enough so that he could teach me how to inject myself with Aranesp. So in the mean time I had swabs to check for MRSA and an ECG to check my heart is ok for me to go under general anaesthetic.

I had blood tests and saw the same doctor I previously talked about in my blog (nothing had changed since last week so in all honesty I didn’t mind seeing him again). I have lost a kilogram in weight since my last appointment so that proves my water tablets are working. He asked me to return in 2 weeks (9th March) with a 24hour urine sample and to give more bloods.

I am back at the hospital on Friday for the scan on my stomach and if my blood pressure is more under control by then I will meet up with the chap who did my pre-op and he will teach me how to administer myself with the Aranesp. In the meantime I’ve got to check my blood pressure morning and night and check in with him on Wednesday to see if my tablets need adjusting. So it’s all moving forward. Never a dull moment.


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