Hospital… Again

Firstly, I arrived home from Center Parcs to some beautiful flowers that had been sent by my work colleagues to say they are thinking of me, so thoughtful.


I also arrived home to my lovely aranesp injections (I definitely prefer the flowers).


I am going to take one with me to clinic so they can teach me how to do it myself. I have just taken it out of the fridge and packed it in a little plastic freezer bag to keep it cool.

I am on my way to clinic right now as I type. Today I am having a pre-op for my Fistula operation which is likely to be the second week in March. I have had dealings with the guy who will be asking me all the usual pre-op questions so at least it is another familiar face. Apparently the operation will be done under general anaesthetic after all (I got my wish in the end) but this is due to the fact my veins aren’t great and are quite deep so the operation will take longer than my consultant first thought, fingers crossed this still means I will still just be a day case but may mean an overnight stay. I will be sure to ask this at the meeting today, I will also be asking to get lots of anti sickness for when I wake up after the general as me and anaesthetic don’t tend to get on too well.

After this mornings meeting I am then due in clinic, hopefully I will see my consultant, meaning I won’t need to repeat my last 10 years medical history to someone who has never met me before….


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