A day in the life…

A quick blog tonight as I’ve spent most of today at the hospital.  Going to fill it up with pictures though to make up for it and keep you all entertained.

This is the lovely bruise that the Phlebotomist left after taking blood on Monday.  She is my favourite Blood nurse so she can be forgiven and actually took my blood again today, and so far so good on the bruise front.

Below is a sneaky picture from clinic of my notes, these are not the full set, just the latest installment… they are looking very dog-eared and well read!

Debbie who you may remember from this blog post decided to be brave and post a picture of the Fistula she uses for dialysis access in the hope it would raise awareness of kidney failure and organ donation and it has done just that.  I decided to take a photo of mine the following day and post it on twitter with the hastag #flashyourfistula.  It has caught on and many of my kidney friends have shared pictures of theirs.  Soon I’ll have two to flash.  The one below doesn’t work (buzz) anymore.  It was tied off in July last year as it was causing me pain and putting stress on my heart, causing it to beat too fast, I’m pretty self conscious of it but it’s not that unsightly and should be something to be proud of. (It did actually keep me alive for nearly 4 years the last time I was on dialysis!)

Today was a rubbish day.  I had to get up at 7.30am – this may be a lie in for some of you but since my transplant decided to pack up I find mornings difficult, suffering with nausea and exhaustion.  My olds picked me up and we headed to the hospital, I had bloods done first to check my tacrolimus level (the level of anti-rejection drug that is in my system) as I had a phone call on Wednesday to say that it was too low at 2.9.   Next I headed up to my usual ward to see the chap about my Aranesp (aneamia injections) I told him how unwell I felt and that I suspected I had a chest infection.  He was really on the ball, doing all my observations (blood pressure, temperature and oxygen saturations) and sent me for a Chest X-Ray, I had that done and it was clear for pneumonia but he agreed that I had an upper respiritory chest infection  (I had to give a lovely phlegm sample too).  I haven’t left the house for 4days, so I knew something wasn’t right.  Whilst I was down in the x-ray department I waited for my abdoman ultrasound, which was also clear.   I then went back up to the ward for another check of observations, Aranesp training and a prescription for some antibiotics (7 days worth.)

My blood pressure was stable enough for me to give myself my Aranesp injection but I needed talking through on how to adminster it to myself (something I was absolutely petrified of, but something I was determined to do).  It was a nurse I have known for 10 years and she was lovely with me, she talked me through it and gave me moral support.   I had to psyche myself up and got close to my skin a few times before actually inserting it.  Putting the needle in was the easy bit, it was pushing the syringe down that I didn’t like doing (plus it hurt a lot!)  I had to push the syringe down till it clicked, once it clicked the needle sprung back into the syringe and out of my skin – pretty clever really!  Super proud of overcoming my fear and actually doing it.  My olds watched me do it so that if I ever can’t do it myself they know what to do now too!  They are just fab ferrying me to every hospital appointment (my car is in the garage at the moment) as some days I don’t feel well enough to drive long distances, I really appreciate their support.

All in all a really busy day,  I’m feeling pretty rough again now but hopefully the antibiotics will do the trick and I have my two boys for company… who could ask for anything more?

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