Not much news to tell you really.  This week has really knocked me off my feet.  A chest infection coupled with generally feeling rubbish on 18% kidney function didn’t make for a happy Holly. 

I’ve managed short stints out, the odd trip to the shops but tire very easily, pacing myself and often going from bench to bench and seat to seat inbetween trips to the toilet thanks to these water tablets.  I have treated myself to a new out fit for Saturday night (more about that later) thankfully it fitted as changing rooms are now a no go with as little energy as I seem to have. 

I’m off to the hospital tomorrow morning with my 24hr wee collection and for bloods, I think I’m also going to have to pay a visit to clinic as I am still coughing and struggling with my chest so may need another set of antibiotics.    Tomorrow night A wants to take me out for a date night, so once I return from the hospital a nap will be in order to conserve energy to make sure I’m well enough. 

I have also organised a get together for The Royal Liverpool Transplant Sports team, a meal and drinks on Saturday night.   It has been arranged for a couple of months, I HAVE to be well enough for this, I’ve hired a room, paid deposits and organised it so I will be there even if I feel like death and go to sleep in the corner, I will be there! 

I haven’t had a night out in ages, I think I deserve it… I just hope my body decides to play and behaves… even if it is just for one night… I don’t mind being Cinderella! I think I would look good in glass slippers! 


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