Hairspray and Puppies

I’ve had a good couple of days, although the pain in my arm is sometimes excruciating I found gaps in it to do some nice ‘me’ things and got out of the house.

On Saturday I went to see a fab production of hairspray with the girls.  It lasted nearly 3 hours, by the end I was shattered (even though I was only sat there) and my left arm was 3 times the size of my right, but it was worth it, we had a good giggle! 



This was me ready to go out.  I was determined to make an effort, do my hair and put some makeup on. It took me ages to get ready (one handed) but I didn’t want to look sick even if I felt it on the inside.  Sometimes it’s a blessing having an invisible disease. 

On Sunday I went to visit my friend whose doggies have just had puppies! Joanne is Buddy’s groomer and is a fabulous furbaby Mummy!   

Amoré, Venus, Eros and Frejya were born on valentines day and are unbelievably cute! I’m hoping Jo will allow me another visit before they go to their new homes.  What more therapy could a girl need than puppy cuddles! 

Just on my way home from clinic this morning! This blog is a happy blog, I’ll save health updates till the next one…

Until then… Keep smiling!  

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