Operations, transplant list and a holiday 

Day 11 of the arm saga and I’m in bed at the moment.  The scar is healing beautifully and I’m not wearing a dressing anymore.  The swelling is still a problem, it’s fine when I’m not doing anything and when I first wake up. 



I went to clinic yesterday and saw the consultant that was oringinally meant to do my surgery, the look of disappointment on his face was clear to see when he asked me if it was working and I said no.  

I sat down, and he looked at my arm and sighed.   He didn’t seem too concerned about the swelling and said ideally I need to keep it in a Bradford sling but one I don’t have a hook on my ceiling and two I am already going a bit mad not being able to do as much as I want so that’s not an option. 

The consultant told me that I will need two more operations on my left arm to try and salvage the fistula.  This was my worst fear, I will need a transposition of my fistula.  The first part of the surgery I can be awake for and should be relatively straight forward.  The second (the transposition) will be more complicated, a massive scar (from the inside of my elbow all the way up to my armpit – I’ve previously had this done on my right arm).  I’m not the vainist person but it’s not a pretty scar at all!  This procedure is to lift the fistula closer to the surface of my arm so it’s easier to needle when I start dialysis.  It’s just a shame it can’t be done in one process but needs must, I need access so I haven’t got much choice.

The consultant is Insistant that he is doing the next procedures himself and was so apologetic that this first procedure hadn’t worked.  He said sorry on numerous occasions and I feel in capable hands and that he wants the best for me. 

He never rushes us during appointments and always asks if we have any questions (which my Mum usually does).  We also talked briefly about the transplant list.  My function is at 19% and I need to be at 15% before I can be listed.  So I have to be more sick and feel worse before I can begin the wait for a new kidney. 

Although the clinic appointment was full of some disappointing news. The two operations and not being listed yet, it does seem that I will be able to go on holiday dialysis free.  My health obviously won’t be fantastic but the consultant has said that if I can keep my potassium and blood pressure under control and follow a renal diet I should be ok to fly and go abroad.  I don’t intend to have a massive adventure holiday, I will just be grateful to have my family and A around me, have sun on my face and swim in the sea.  

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