I’m Fine… Part 2

This post seems to have offended people so I’ve deleted it.  I hope that people reading my posts from now on, don’t take them personally or to heart, it is never my intention to hurt anyone or be bitchy in this blog, don’t think for one second I appreciate every single person who asks how I am, every single person who comes to visit me or invites me out.  I’m so lucky I’ve got people all over the world from Austrailia to Ireland rooting for me.   I wouldn’t be able to get through the day without them, knowing that people have got my back and people care.   This blog is my lifeline at the moment, the one thing I can control.  These are my thoughts, these are things I feel on a day to day basis, this is what it is like living with a disease.  I am not doing this for fuss or attention I am doing it to raise awareness and to keep my mind occupied whilst I come to terms with what is happening.  While I come to terms with the old me being taken away from me and adjusting to a new life all over again. 


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