My other half 

He is going to get a big head and massive ego boost when he realises this whole post is dedicated to him. 

Below is A and one of his expert selfies he’s edited to the max! This also happens to be one of my favourite pics of him… Sent to me when I was recovering from my operation at my parents house.  (I know I’m a lucky girl… Even if this is good editing haha!) 

You may notice that tattoo on his hand… Yes it’s a H and was a birthday present to me.  I can’t tell you how shocked I was, guess I can’t complain at least he is showing his commitment to me! 


 One day I will convince A to do a guest blog on here but for now there is a post going round on Facebook where you have to ask your husband or boyfriend questions.  So here is an insight into A and his view of us. 

WITHOUT ANY prompting, ask your husband/boyfriend these questions and write down EXACTLY what they say.

1. What is something your girlfriend always says to you? I love you

2. What makes her happy? Buddy

3. What makes her sad? Being off work 

4. How does your girlfriend make you laugh? Winds me up! 

5. What was your girlfriend like as a child? Ginger and shorter

6. How old is your girlfriend? 29 (wrong) 

7. How tall is your girlfriend? 5ft 6 apparently  (I wish)

8. What is her favorite thing to do? Spend time with the kids 

9. What does she do when you’re not around? Fuck all (cheeky get) 

10. If your wife girlfriend becomes famous, what will it be for? Her tits (hahaha)

11. What is your girlfriend really good at? Cheering me up (this was his second answer) 

12. What is your girlfriend not very good at? She’s got no Patience!!! 

13. What does your girlfriend do for a job? Nothing – pretends to be sick (cheeky fecker!) 

14.What is your girlfriends favorite food? Italian 

15.What makes you proud of her? Putting up with health stuff 

16. If your girlfriend were a character, who would she be? The legs out of Tom and Jerry 

17. What do you and your girlfriend do together? Everything 

18. How are you and your girlfriend the same? Same sense of humour 

19. How are you and your girlfriend different? Tits 

20. How do you know she loves you? She tells me 

21. What does your girlfriend like most about you? Making her laugh/looking after her 

22. Where is her favorite place to go? Her Mum and Dad’s

Last week, we celebrated 1 year together.  We really are on the same wavelength and I am super happy to have him by my side (and so is Buddy).




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