Plans for the day, week, month, year or even the rest of your life… We all have them.  Sometimes I can’t plan for the next hour let alone the next week. 

Recently I’ve had to cancel plans to see Take That, cancel on meeting up with friends and a birthday party.  I hate cancelling, people are understanding but it doesn’t help me feeling guilty.  

I managed to attend the christening of my friends little boy yesterday – Brodie.  It was a lovely celebration and I managed to hide the bags under my eyes and pasty face under some makeup!  Sometimes I like that my disease is invisible, like on a special occasion I can look “normal” even if I don’t feel it.  Other times it is a hinderence, when people presume you feel fine when you look fine.  Trust me blusher works a hell of a treat! 


Brodie’s present off me and A. And Mum insisted on a “front door” picture before I left.  I felt like it was my first day back at school (I had a photo like this most years on the first day back). 

I’m so glad I was well enough to attend and Definately earned my afternoon nap yesterday.  

So plans… This week my only plan is to make it to Friday when me and A are off to see Take That in concert at the cinema to make up for the fact I missed them in Manchester.

 The week after is a week full of hospital appointments.  A steroid test which takes all morning on 22nd, a meeting at the hospital on the 23rd regarding an art installation depicting organ donation, a vascular scan on my arm on the 24th and my operation on the 26th. 

Life in general hasn’t turned out the way I planned it (well how I imagined it would when I was 16 and didn’t have a care in the world).  I wouldn’t change it though, it’s shaping who I am and I wouldn’t have met half the people I know.  I’m very happy with my little lot.  

I just wish I was well enough to work at the moment and I feel like I’m letting people down, but I know my health has got to come first.  Thank goodness for supportive parents who are seeing me through and A and Buddy who are keeping me smiling, even on the darkest of days. 

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