Come on, come on, come on…


So behind my back, in fact everyone’s back (even my Dad’s) My Mum has been emailing anyone who will listen to try and get me some Take That tickets to make up for not being able to go last month. 

Yesterday she received an email and said hang on I want to read you this email in front of Dad too, I think you’ll be excited.  I had no idea what was in this email.  I scanned over the email on her phone and to my surprise it said “There will be two tickets at the box office in Manchester for Holly to see Take That on Thursday!”

Eeeeeeeeee! I squealed! I couldn’t believe it! How fab is my Mum? And how great is Take That’s PR team Dawbell (particularly a lady named Scarlett) for arranging this, and all free of charge! 

Mum doesn’t even want to come with me, she has told me to take A.  To say I’m excited is an understatement!!!

Today I am saving all my spoons.  It’s lunch now and I’ve only just got out of bed, I intend to spend the day on the sofa to conserve energy for later. 

My Mum is one in a million.  See you later boys! 



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