A week of hospital visits… 

This week has been manic and it’s only Wednesday! 

Monday I spent the morning at The Royal Liverpool Hospital for a short synacthen test.  Of course nothing seems to run smoothly with me and it took 3 attempts for a cannula to be put in, thankfully I’m not needle phobic and I’m used to my rubbish veins and things not going as planned.

Some lovely action shots for you…  


I have some lovely souvenir bruises from my experience but nothing new there.  The test involved me having blood taken out of the cannula and then a synacthen drug syringed in and then blood tests after half an hour and then again after another half an hour. 

Whilst I had the cannula in I used my initiative and got some extra bloods taken for my pre-op which was yesterday.  I asked one of the nurses on the transplant ward if she could print the forms off and she also gave me the bottles and bags which was great and saved me getting stabbed again.  

I also had to check up on an ultrasound appointment for today.  I had received two one for 11am and one for 1.20pm so wanted to know which one to come to.  Turned out that they had both been cancelled, I guess they are going on the results of my last ultrasound/vascular test which showed a graft was the only possibility left.  So it’s a good job I didn’t turn up today and it has given me a day off from The Royal which turns out to be my only day off this week. 

Yesterday I went in for my pre-op.  All the usual questions and going through my medications.  BP check and the signing of the consent form.  All was going well until he looked at the blood results from Monday.  High potassium (5.8 if you’re interested) and low bicarb levels.  The clinician said the anesthetist wouldn’t be happy putting me under anesthetic with results like that so I need to go in tomorrow for treatment before the operation on Friday.  I will probably have dextrose and insulin drip for the potassium and a bicarbonate/sodium drip for the low bicarb level.  I will then stay overnight ready for my graft operation on Friday.

Whilst I was there the chap doing my pre-op also decided to have a look at the previous scar on my arm and remove a stray stitch that was still there from the operation a month ago! 

After the pre-op I attended a meeting about an art installation that will be happening in the new Royal hospital which is being built.  The piece of art will represent organ donation and we were asked there today for our thoughts and input on what the piece of art should portray.  There were patients there, members of the organ donation committee, lead clinician in organ donation for the hospital, the Chaplin and an altruistic kidney donor.  No definitive decisions were made today but we talked about what we wanted the art to depict, what message, did we want it as a memorial or to raise awareness.  It was a very interesting discussion and one that I was proud to be apart of.  We will be invited to attend another meeting and perhaps have further input down the line.  It will be nice in years to come to look at the piece of art in situ and know that I played a small part in the project.  

So a busy hospital filled few days and the time inbetween was spent resting and recovering from them with lots of naps.

I’m off to spend today with my littlest nephew as my parents look after him on a Wednesday.  Who knows what we will get up to but I know there will be lots of cuddles and giggles… The best medicine.  


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