My operation was cancelled.  I can’t tell you how frustrating it is! You build yourself up, get prepared, packed and get anxious and then bam it’s all change, the op is off and plans change again. 

I can’t complain.  My surgeon is poorly (get better soon incase you are reading!) and usually his list would be taken over by another surgeon but he has specifically requested that he do this operation himself.  Although the last operation he did on me didn’t work (not due to him, due to my rubbish veins) I have total trust in him and he is highly skilled.

So I didn’t go into hospital yesterday, there was no drip, no overnight stay and no operation.   This will all happen next week, it’s frustrating as I had plans for next weekend which may mean now I am not well enough to attend.  It is also eating into recovery time before my holiday, I want to be fully over the operation before I go, I want to be able to swim and above all enjoy my holiday without worrying about my arm.  It’s something to think about, maybe I will delay it myself until after my holiday.  It’s 4 weeks today till we fly.  At 4 weeks after my first operation my arm was still excrutiatingly painful and swollen and if the operation happens next week that is only 3 weeks till we fly.  

Will leave you with a photo I took at my pre op the other day.

   Instead of spending the day in hospital yesterday, I got up to something else.  All will be revealed tomorrow…. 

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