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Someone shared this the other day so thought I would share it with you guys.  Sums up my feelings well.   

I also read this blog here.  It is a long read but towards the end the chap describes kidney failure to a tee.  He’s put everything into words that I am experiencing myself and I couldn’t have said it any better.  

For me. I feel exhausted all the time. It is really hard to describe how tired and exhausted I feel. But its like living with an intense deep exhaustion that makes every movement feel like I am walking at the bottom of the ocean with a huge ten ton weight on top of me. And it doesn’t matter if I have had 3 or 10 hours of sleep I feel the same.

When the weather is cold I suffer from cold intolerance and find it very difficult to keep myself warm. My legs often become week and feel like jelly. My bones ache all over. I often feel nausea and have headaches. My skin itches often. The simplest tasks take me 5 times longer and take 5 times as much more energy than a “normal” person.

I have little patience and suffer from mood swings, paranoia and intense depression. In turn I suffer really badly from stress. I feel insecure and I get stressed and worried really easily. And if I do get stressed or worried about anything my body rebels and my other symptoms flare up even worse.

I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything and as a result my memory suffers drastically. And so I get confused and frustrated very easily. My mind feels very fuzzy and foggy. People with Chronic Kidney Disease usually call this having a “foggy brain”.

I can be ok for three hours one moment and curled up in my bed nauseated, dizzy and weak for the next six hours. I can be on the go for 1 or 2 days and lying in a bed the week after. My body rebels without warning.  

 Above quote taken from the blog:

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