The real me…

On Saturday I stayed in bed most of the day in preparation for a night out for a fellow kidney transplant patients 21st.  

She held her party in a function room in Liverpool, she looked stunning and the room was decorated beautifully.   

    Us renal patients and fellow transplant sport team members were sat in one corner of the room altogether.   Then a surreal thing happened.  One of them received a phone call to say a kidney match had been found for him and to get to hospital for 12 midnight. To say we were all shocked was an understatement.  What a special and ironic moment that we could all share. 

Unfortunately the operation did not go ahead and it was a “false alarm”.   We all had our hopes up this was a new start for our friend but are only too aware that transplants don’t always go ahead once you receive the phone call.  I am thinking about him and his family and how close he got to living a normal dialysis free life.  Let’s not also forget the donor and their family who made the difficult decision in their time of grief.   They are of course mourning the loss of a loved one.  

If you want to give someone the gift of life, why not consider signing up to the Organ Donor Register here.  

And I may regret this picture sometime, but this is the side of me you don’t see.  The “ill” me.  (Even A said I looked rough – not like him to notice anything, after all he’s a man). This is the me that struggles to get out of bed. The me that wakes up (if I’ve managed some sleep) with nausea every morning.  The me that does look sick but covers it up.  The me that struggles to fuction.  The me that is bloated, tired, grumpy.  The me that wishes she could do so much more.  The real me.  



One thought on “The real me…

  1. You still look beautiful and you certainly never elected to be tired, cranky and bloated ever. My heart goes out to all who suffer from dreadful kidney non-function.


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