I got a new date for my operation.  I got a letter saying I am going to be admitted on Thursday 2nd for treatment before the operation on Friday 3rd.  

The problem is that only leaves 3 weeks to the day that we fly to Malta.  Do I want to be worried about my arm whilst I’m there? I want to be able to jetski/swim.  I don’t want to be in pain and I want to make sure I am recovered from the general anesthetic.   After all I am very aware this will be my last dialysis free holiday for a while. 

Yesterday I rang the clinician to ask his advice and he seemed to think I would be ok to wait, but will speak to the consultant/surgeon on my behalf.  A graft is slightly different to a fistula in the fact that it’s a price of plastic (foreign body) inserted into the arm to allow access to the vein and artery.  Although the advantage of a graft over a fistula it can be used as soon as 2 weeks after the operation it doesn’t need time to mature like a fistula, however it is more prone to infection both once it’s inserted and once I begin using it for dialysis.  

Here’s how it will work once I start dialysis: 

There are pro’s and cons to having the surgery next week. I don’t want to risk waiting (and maybe end up with a neckline) but I don’t want to ruin my last dialysis free holiday by being in pain.  I don’t want to be worrying whilst I am away but I don’t want to end up with an infection (which may only display itself upto 2 weeks after the operation). 

Hopefully I will hear back off the clinician/consultant today.   I am almost certain I won’t go ahead on Friday unless the consultant tells me that I have to in which case I will obviously listen to him and have it done. 


One thought on “Decisions

  1. hope you get the ok to wait until after the hols! I agree it would be better to enjoy this holiday before having to concentrate on treatment. x


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