The countdown begins…

So it’s 4.45am and I can’t sleep (a regular occurrence nowadays).  My sleep patterns are all over the place and no matter how exhausted I am I can never have a settled nights sleep.  I don’t even think things are playing on my mind (I’m past that point). 

Anyway I thought I would put my wasted time laying in bed wide awake to good use and write a blog. 

The clinician rang me yesterday and said the consultant (who is also the surgeon who will do my operation) is willing to wait for me to come back of holiday before I have my next operation, to insert the graft in my arm ready to start dialysis. 

There is still some concern over my high potassium and low bicarb so I will have to hammer the old sodium bicarbonate tablets (which I hate as they leave me with stomach cramps and bloating), this is a small price to pay for a pain and mostly worry free holiday.  

I’m back for blood tests and to see the consultant next Wednesday and have another appointment in the nephrology department in Warrington before my holidays.  I feel relieved a decision has been made, and the right one for me at this moment in time.  I may not be able to manage all the things that I would like to on holiday, I may rely on taxis rather than walking but I will not take this last dialysis free holiday for granted.  There will be sun, sea, cocktails and all my favourite people.  What’s not to be excited about.  The countdown can officially begin…. 23 days! 


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