Happy Days 

Had a few good days recently.  They all required me to sleep and rest afterwards but totally worth the pain and exhaustion.  Here’s some photos. 

Wednesday – A fun day in the garden with my 2 favourite ginger boys.

Thursday – A fabulous day with A at Southlake Zoo! It was so good, we didn’t want to leave! We hand fed giraffes, emu’s, kangaroos and monkeys! I also stroked a penguin! 

Friday – Warrington Walking Day.  I went to church to support the school I work at (feel like this should say used to work at but technically I’m still employed there.)  Then headed to the Town Hall to watch the parade go past.  I was sad not to be walking like last year and instead being sat (on my Dad’s fishing chair) on the other side of the railings watching.  

Today 11 of us went to Cloud 23 in Manchester, it was a surprise baby shower we had organised for my oldest friend, who is expecting baby Barratt next month! To say she was shocked was an understatement!  Me and Mum arrived before anyone else to set up and decorate!  We all had a lovely time and played a couple of games.  I skipped the afternoon tea (food) as I didn’t feel too good, I was so glad to be there though and share in her special day.  I’m shattered tonight so a film and early night it is. 

Here’s to more good days! 


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