Good days/Bad days 

It’s been a busy week!  I am determined to make the most of the good days even if it means I pay for them later… Even if I have 10 bad days in exchange for one good day, that’s fine by me.  The good days are definitely worth it.  

 A day in Southport.


X Factor Auditions.

Meal out with A’s fambo for his birthday (early as we are in Malta on the actual day.)


Night in at ours with some more of A’s family.  Pimms, food and a board game.

Today we went to a fun day to raise money for a lady who has complications of diabetes.  She’s had a kidney transplant and is raising funds to go to Sweeden for treatment to help with nerve damage.  Buddy won the dog that most looked like his owner!!!

Then we went onto Warrington’s Disability Awareness Day!


Buddy is now snoozing and my eyes are feeling heavy.  I’m so grateful for the good days, these pictures don’t show how slow I have to walk, how swollen my feet are, how many times I have to sit down or rest.

  It doesn’t show the after effects of these days out, the days I can’t leave the flat because I can’t make it down the stairs because I’m in pain, the times I have to curl up in bed or on the sofa because exhaustion has hit.  I’m glad they don’t show this.  These photos show happiness, they show memories being made, they show the people that matter to me.  

The bad days make me fight harder for the good days, they make me appreciate them more.   I can handle the bad days if the hope of a good day is just around the corner… 


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