A brain frazzling clinic 

Just got back from clinic and it’s safe to say my brain is well and truly frazzled. My consultant collared me and ushered me into a room for a quick chat as he was on his way somewhere.  An hour later I left with my brain overloaded with information.  To cut a very long story short…

The operation to insert a graft into my arm will take place the week after I come back of holidays.  It isn’t what he had hoped for me and the risk of infections are greater.  The pain will be worse after the operation as there will be a lot of tunnelling under the skin (nice).   There are two types of graft he can use, one that will be harder to needle but can be used 2 days after the operation.  Or the other one needs 6 weeks to heal but will be easier to needle in the long run.  He is hoping that if my results are stable enough after my holiday I will be able to have the second option and have longer to heal and not have to start dialysis immediately. 

My consultant was also trying to sell the ‘Live donor’ route to me.  If you’ve read previous blogs this is really a no go for me but I do understand where he is coming from and only wants the best kidney for me and ultimately the best future for me. 

We also looked at my antibodies.  I have some antibodies due to previous blood transfusions and obviously my transplant but nothing too bad to worry about.  Medical science has even improved in the last 7 years since I had my transplant and there are new procedures being tried and tested all the time.  There was one particular type of anti-body that I don’t have which is good as it would have reduced potential donors by 40%.

Today I’ve had a new antibody test and that will go along with my case notes to a multidisciplinary team meeting to discuss putting me on the list – sooner rather than later!  I will have other tests to ensure I am fit enough such as X-rays, echo scans and ECGs but he is very hopeful that I will be listed soon after my holiday. 

So a pretty eventful/life changing clinic… Not sure how I feel about it all yet… Will save that for another blog when it’s all sank in! 


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