Moody cow 

I definitely need this holiday.  Yesterday I was a right moody cow.  I couldn’t tell you why, or what was wrong but I know that I took anything and everything out on those I love the most yesterday.  

I probably would have been better having a day under the duvet and not spoke anyone but instead everyone felt the full force of moody cow Holly.  

It’s a good job they all know what I’m like, none of them take me on and just let me get on with it, especially A and he knows that annoys me more than anything, that he won’t answer me back when I’m ready for a good old tiff!  In over a year together we have never had a row, he annoys me, I annoy him and then we laugh.  

I’m not down in the dumps or anything, I’m definitely not depressed or asking why me.  I think it’s a good thing I can recognise that I’m a moody cow, this kidney failure effects me more than just physically and  I’m not ashamed to say that.   My mood has definately lifted today and the countdown is on a week…. 


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