Back to reality 

So we arrived home on Friday to lots of phone calls and messages from the hospital – not how I wanted to be greeted. 

I rang the transplant unit back and it was about listing me for a second kidney transplant.  The lady wanted to ask me a few questions over the phone e.g about previous operations and blood transfusions.  She also said she had posted me some blood forms to check my antibodies and various other tests ready for re-listing. 

The results of the above test will be analysed and then my case will go before the multi disciplinary meeting who will decide if I am suitable to go back on the waiting list.  I will be heading up to the hospital on Wednesday for the blood tests and to see my consultant at clinic.  I will then be admitted next Tuesday for treatment before my graft operation on Wednesday.   The multidisciplinary meeting is happening on Friday 14th so I may know as soon as then when I will be activated on the list (a very scary thought – and one which I will return to in another blog no doubt). 

Definately back to reality with a bump…


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