Tough times

The last few days have been pretty rough.  It’s hard to know what’s caused me to feel so unwell, I had thought it was doing too much on holiday catching up on me and being run down.  I visited my consultant on Wednesday and he suggested I had a upper respiratory tract viral infection.  My heart was “galloping” as he put it and I could feel it, almost like palputations.  I felt generally weak, achy and breathless.  I have been told if I was no better by today to ring the hopsital, which I have done, I am just waiting for a phone call back from them. 

On Wednesday after clinic I was told to go and get bloods done in the blood room, there were 10 in front of me and when it finally came to my turn I sat down and knew I wasn’t going to part with my blood easily.  3 attempts/stabs later and still no blood, there wasn’t anyone more senior that I could be passed onto.  I knew that I needed my bloods doing with me feeling so ill.  I went up to the ward and one of the nurses had a go, no luck… Another nurse and 2 more attempts, finally there was enough to fill all 7 tubes! 

So a long drawn out afternoon at the hospital and I came home to my parents to have tea with A.  I didn’t eat anything, my appetite is up and down recently.  A and my Dad had just arranged to go to the pictures together to see Mission Impossible 2 (as I was too ill to go), then the phone rang.  It was the hospital.  I wasn’t all that surprised.  My potassium was raised and my bicarbonate levels were low. 

I was told to make my way to A and E and bring an overnight bag.  Of course I’ve been here before and know the drill, ECG and bloods.  They took one look at my arm (the only arm they can use because of previous operations) and said right we will put a line in your foot.  5 attempts at stabbing my feet and a few tears from me later they were defeated.   An hour later I was seen by the doctor who managed to get a line in my arm after only a couple of attempts.  To say I felt like a pin cushion was an understatement. 

They put my blood on the instant machine which brought back a lower potassium but they like to send one to the lab to get a more accurate reading.  By now it was after midnight and I went for a chest X-ray and awaited the blood results.  At around 1.30am I was told that my potassium was an acceptable level of 6 and I could go home.  I went back to my parents house as it was late and didn’t want to disturb A, I also stayed here again last night incase I needed to go to hospital this morning. (Like I said I am waiting for a phone call back from them at the minute). 

I’m still feeling pretty weak, I’m meant to be going for a friends birthday meal this evening but unsure if I’ll be able to make it. 

I’m really hoping to be better for Tuesday so I can have my treatment and my operation on Wednesday.  Only time will tell… Will leave you with a few photos of my eventful few days. 



One thought on “Tough times

  1. Holly,
    You poor dear… So sorry for your battles with this disease. You are blessed to have your caring parents and man-friend. :). It must be so tough for them too, to see you hurting.


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