I’m here. In the Royal Liverpool Hospital. 3 days earlier than planned.  I still wasn’t feeling myself yesterday so I came to get checked over and the doctor said right we’ll get you in now instead of waiting till Tuesday.  I had bloods taken (after 7 attempts including 2 arterial attempts) and was allowed to go home and get my things.  We also stopped at the shop for some essential supplies.

I had a cannula put in my arm on my return and was immediately started on adextrose and insulin drip as well as a syringe full of calcium to help my potassium levels.  That infusion took 2 hours and at 1.30am I was put on the bicarbonate drip which I was told will take 18hours! 


When I woke this morning I noticed my hand was swollen and the nurse stopped the infusion, it had been going into my tissues instead of my vein.  

 The cannula had to come out and a new one put in, with options (and veins) running out we resorted back to my feet, first my right and then successfully in my left. 

So I had a break of about an hour not attarched to a drip and as I write I have 3.5 hours left of this bicarbonate infusion.

I saw my usual consultant this morning and we talked about the operatation that will hopefully still take place on Wednesday, he is worried that I will need dialysis sooner rather than later so may resort to using the graft that can be needled almost immediately rather than the one that needs 6 weeks to mature. He is also wary that it may not work in my left arm and wants me to consent to them having a go (if needs be) in my right arm aswell.  If they decide to use the graft that needs time to mature they may also consider inserting a tunnelled neckline, which I will also have to consent to on Wednesday. At least all bases will be covered but it’s a bit unnerving that I won’t actually know what to expect when I wake up.

My kidney function is currently 12% so it is still on the decline and the worry is  that I won’t be able to hold out much longer without dialysis so access for it is the priority whether it’s in my left or right arm or my neck. 


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