I am aware there is a massive gap in the story but it’s all been a bit quick and traumatic in the end.  I will fill in the blanks when I am less emotional and got my head round things a bit more. 

The plan now is… I will have dialysis tomorrow morning, I will have to wait a few hours and then my line in my groin (femoral line) will come out and I will be allowed home for a few hours, yay! (This is where the good news ends and the bad news starts).

On Wednesday I will be going into theatre again to have the graft that I had placed a week ago, removed.  This is because it isn’t working and it is too risky to unclot it.  I will then have a new graft fitted (one that takes 6 weeks to mature). 

In the mean time whilst the graft is developing and waiting to be needled I will have to have dialysis so when I am under General on Wednesday I will also have the delight of a neckline being fitted.  

This was definitely what we didn’t want to happen, but needs must.  The bad news is the neckline can’t get wet so no proper showers or baths.  The good news is that I won’t need to be an inpatient with a neckline in so once I am stable again after the operation and everything is satisfactory with dialysis, I will be allowed to come home and return 3 times a week for my regular sessions. 

Thanks for all your well wishes, it really does mean a lot.  Huge thanks go out to my olds and A for being fantastic.  It’s the second time round for my parents and I can tell by the look on their faces it isn’t any easier.  A is thankfully taking everything in his stride and not phased by anything (even plastic bits poking out of me!) 


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