Nothing much to write about but thought I would do a quick update.  I’ve now been allowed to keep having the anti-sickness meds through the machine which means I don’t feel too bad when I get off. (just the usual headache which I like to call a dialysis hangover).  Which means I spend the afternoon sleeping it off.

Everyone keeps asking me well do you feel better now you’ve started dialysis and I always feel like I should be saying yes but in all honesty no I don’t.  My haemoglobin (HB- blood count) is in my boots.  A blood transfusion was mentioned but I want to avoid this at all costs as this would effect the antibodies in my blood and ultimately my wait for another kidney transplant.  In the meantime we are treating my Anemia with Iron infusions and Aranesp injections every week.   Anemia leaves me exhausted, I can’t walk far, I’m breathless and my legs feel like led.  

We had been hiring a wheelchair from a local mobility company but it was just wasted money so my parents have decided to buy me one, even if I only use it in the short term.  If it’s the difference between me going out and not going out then I’ll swallow my pride.  A has taken to this like a duck to water along with everything else that has been thrown at him.  He does still like to shout as I’m getting into it “come on you lazy cow”.  Much to some strange looks from passers by (which is totally A’s intention).  Hey, if you don’t laugh you would cry. 

So all in all I’m feeling a bit frustrated like I should be doing more but I can’t.  I’m heading back to the flat on Friday (much to the worry of my Mum), A is off for 3 days so I know I’m in good hands and the ‘olds’ are only a phone call and 5minute car journey away if I need them – it will be good to get back to some sort of normality. 

A few pics to finish off…

A pub lunch before the kiddos go back to school! 

A drove me to a lovely pub in the middle of nowhere, the food was delish (this was a light bite and I couldn’t finish it all).

What a difference.  My feet on the right now I’ve started dialysis.  I can’t stop looking at them! I may still not be able to walk far but at least they are getting back to some sort of normal! I’ve been livi in flip flops and ugg boots for the past 9 months.  Since leaving hospital I’ve bought two new pairs of shoes… Now that is getting back to normality! 


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