National Transplant Week

Today marks the first day of National Transplant Week 2015.  Little did I know that I would be writing a blog from my hospital bed attached to a dialysis machine and that my plight for you to sign the organ donor register would yet again be so personal to me. 

I always knew I would need a second transplant being so young when I was diagnosed but it seemed way off in the future.  The Doctors don’t give you a time scale or a guarantee (life would be so much easier if they did!).  A transplant is not a cure for kidney disease it’s just the best form of treatment.  I think now if they had given me a timescale would I have done anything different? Did I make the most of my gift? Did I make my donor proud? 

When I received my transplant I thought maybe it would see me get married or even have a baby, but these things weren’t meant to be.  However it did see me finish my degree, graduate, get a post graduate certificate and start my masters.  It saw me move out of home, have lovely holidays, work full time and get a doggy.  Most importantly it ended my time on dialysis.  It saved me from a strict diet and fluid restriction, it ended the days of nausea and sickness.  It meant I could watch my niece and nephews grow up, birthday parties, family events and spending quality time together and for that I will be eternally grateful.  In answer to the question, I would not change a thing and would not do anything differently. 

Do I feel sad that I am back to square one? I’m not going to lie, of course I do.  But I look back at all the things I achieved and that makes me happy, it spurs me on to think that I will be able to do those things again.  

I feel sad for A.  He didn’t sign up for any of this and yet he’s been thrusted into it at full force and in typical A style has taken it all in his stride.  My self confidence has taken a knock, well it will do when you’ve got tubes sticking out of your boob and you need to admit defeat and be pushed in a wheelchair because you can’t walk long distances.  A knows all the right things to say though, telling me I’m beautiful and everything will be ok and then also doing wheelies in the chair and ramming me into curbs to try and tip me out!!! 

So what is the point in this blog? It’s not just my random ramblings I promise.  It’s to show you what a difference signing the organ donor register can make.  I am forever grateful for my near 7 years being free from dialysis, forever thankful to my donor and their family for saying yes to Organ Donation in their time of unimaginable grief.  

I will soon be in the position of being placed on the waiting list again.  I will be relying on another family to say yes to Organ Donation.   

Please consider signing the register and sharing your wishes with your family. Organ donation not only saves lives it transforms them too, I know I am lucky to have dialysis to keep me alive, people waiting for other organs don’t have this luxury and time is running out, people are still dying everyday waiting for organs.

For more information on National Transplant Week click here. 

Thank you for reading x


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