This week is National Transplant Week and even though I’m still feeling pretty week I’ve tried to do my bit.  My parents spent Wednesday morning (whilst I was on the ward dialysing) in the Royal Liverpool Hospital Foyer talking to people about the importance of Organ Donation and encouraging people to sign up to the register. 

Then on Thursday I was asked to speak at the Thansgiving service that is held during Transplant Week in the hospital chapel.  I knew that I would not be able to read my personal story as it’s all still a bit raw and my emotions are stil all over the shop.  I agreed that lead for Organ Donation (who organised the service) in the hospital could read it for me and if there was a space for me I would read a poem (I felt I could disconnect myself from this a bit more).

I chose to read a poem called ‘Morning Birds’ as I read the last paragraph my emotions got the better of me but after a deep breath I managed to get through it.  We wrote messages of thanks on the tag (see photo) and hung them on a tree.  The hospital choir sung and a beautiful strong quartet played some stunning music. 

I’ll leave you with the words of the poem:-

Morning Birds

It’s hard to put my thoughts to words

For words could not portray

The admiration and gratitude I hold

For You and Yours today

Your act of pure selflessness

Has erased from my mind

The constant fear of searching

Only to never find.
A gift of life stands well apart

From any we may receive

But giving life has unimaginable rewards

When given in your grief.
My second chance, I pray will be

A journey, fair and true.

For your gift enables me to do

So much I thought I’d never do

And also now, direction lives

Within my heart and mind

To be half, in life, the person you were

Leaving this world behind.
You’ve given me your Morning Birds

They’ll sing only for you

And when your moon at night appears

It’s then I’ll talk to you

In summer when I stroll the shore

With my love by my side

A stone I’ll throw, to the ocean waves

And think of you with pride.

By Andy Dunne


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