Home Dialysis

After the drama in getting the neckline removed on Friday I went up to the home dialysis ward to have another look round.  The last time I was there was a few days after my first graft had been fitted and I had been stabbed 4 times to try and get the graft to work (which wasn’t meant to be).  After the previous visit I never thought I would go up there again, let alone so soon.  I am determined that I will train to do dialysis at home.  It is a big commitment, both for me and for my parents but I am confident we can do it.

Hopefully after a home check (on Thursday) my parents will have a room converted into a dialysis treatment room, this will mean a lot of work in the house, plumbing in of the machine through the bathroom, new flooring, a new dialysis chair and lots of manouvering of furniture.  Once I am home on dialysis there will be lots of medical supplies to be delivered and stored.  Also my Mum is going to be trained along side me, this will involve being trained on how to line and prime the machine, how to put me on and take me off the machine, how to needle my graft as well as how to work the machine in general, troubleshoot problems and dispose of all the waste materials etc.  It will be a big commitment of visiting the hospital Monday – Friday everyday for shorter dialysis sessions but this is what my routine will consist of once I am home, which will give me greater flexibility in the long run.

I will be training on the Gambro AK-96 machine, which looks like this:

home dialysis machine

If all goes to plan with the room conversion, training and of course the needling (which I feel will be my biggest hurdle) I should be home dialysing by Christmas.  This is a great deadline and target to work for.  What better motivation do I need than that! I of course will be documenting the journey to home dialysis on here,, as ever I am grateful for all the support.  People say how positive I am, I’m not always positive, believe me I have my moments, I would not be able to cope with half of the stuff over the last few months without my olds and A.


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