For Sale

With sadness, we’ve had to put the flat up for sale.  The stairs are just not practical anymore and so it has gone up online to be sold.  I’m so grateful as ever for the support of my parents and A.  Hopefully the right little house will be just around the corner, with a little garden for Buddy and something more practical for me.  Here’s a little nosy around the place, I will be upset when I leave but I know it’s for the best:

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In other news…

I managed two needles in my graft yesterday which is another hurdle over.  It did involve a needle being put in and having to be taken out again because it was painful (this was due to a small clot being stuck in the needle). Once the needles are in they shouldn’t be painful, but you can still notice they are there and you obviously have to keep very still. 

At the end of the session one needle gets taken out at a time as because blood has been rushing through it for four hours it takes a while to stop bleeding. It’s just stopped with the patient putting pressure on with gauze.  Once it has stopped the gauze is swapped and it is tapped down (with around 4 pieces of tape) really tightly to add more pressure. 

Yesterday after my first needle had been removed by the nurse I asked if I could do the second one myself (after all I have to start somewhere).  I figured this would be the best way to start to get over the hurdle of needling myself, I’ve never held one of the dialysis needles, let alone pulling one out of my arm so I was very proud of myself! Small steps…. 

Here’s the needles im using…  



One thought on “For Sale

  1. Oh Holly…

    If you ever wonder if anyone is reading and caring, I know I always am. I feel for you and your family, for both the physical suffering and the pain in their hearts to witness it,


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