All systems go

I received a letter in the post last week inviting me to an assessment with an ATOS provider so they can make a decision on my PIP claim.  I was nervous but I don’t mind fighting for what I am entitled too, and explaining to someone how the illness effects me everyday.  For starters I’ve had to give up my job, my Masters degree and now my flat, not to mention the day to day things I can no longer do as well as the time tied to the dialysis machine.  

Anyway I received another letter the other day saying this meeting had been cancelled as they have enough evidence and I should hear their decision in a couple of weeks.  I’m hoping this is a good sign. 

Yesterday I didn’t feel great when I got up but my parents were looking after my nephew and said they were going to take him out for the day so decided to go along instead of sitting in feeling sorry for myself. 

We had a lovely day at St. Anne’s: 


Today during my dialysis session I spoke to the nurse who coordinates the home dialysis training.  She is coming to my parents house tomorrow along with the guy who does the conversions to the room.  She told me that I will be begin home training on Monday! This will mean me and my Mum travelling to Liverpool every week day for the foreseeable future to train how to use the machine etc.  I will be doing shorter dialysis sessions between 2 and 3 hours instead of my usual 4 hours.

Today I managed to take both my needles out myself and even managed to hold the gauze over the hole and pull the needle at the same time.  It doesn’t sound a big thing but when I was last on dialysis the thought of even touching the needles would go through me and my Mum or Dad used to hold gauze over the wound for me, so small steps.  It’s also very awkward doing it one handed, I’m going to have to get used to doing it all one handed so need to start somewhere. 

I’m taking lots of pictures of my arm when the needles go in so I can get more of an idea of where the needles go, what direction and at what degree under the skin. 

I Finally feeling like things are going in the right direction… Long may it continue! 


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