First day…

First training session complete.  Day one of a long road but it will be more than worth it.  

I watched the machine being set up by my mentor, I initially wanted to write everything down but there was no time and actually it was all very visual.  I will be doing it myself tomorrow. 

This is the machine in action:  

It’s all red and blue colour co-ordinated. Red for arterial and blue for venous.   It’s two sets of lines and they all have a specific place they need to go and sensors they need to touch.  It’s also very important there is no air in the lines and so that’s why saline is sent round to prime the lines before my blood goes into them (as air in the lines whilst my blood is in there could be fatal).

There’s lots of information to take in but I’m confident I can do it, with the support of Mum obviously, she came and stayed with me today so she can learn alongside me. 

My mentor put my needles in for me (with no problems). I have a target for when I want to try and needle myself but I’m not going to share that with you in case I chicken out and don’t succeed.

Here’s my view from the chair, the screen by my arm is the control panel with all the instructions on. 

I had a bit of a dicky fit towards the end of the session today and proceeded to throw up in a plastic bag and some tissues (no sick bowls to hand as it’s not an ordinary ward), which wasn’t my finest moment.  After some fluid into my bloodstream through the machine I soon came round. This is what’s called a ‘hypo’ but I think it was a contribution of nerves, the fluid being taken off during a shorter dialysis and also my first session without anti-sickness. 

Tomorrow is another day, hopefully I’ll get on ok with setting the machine up.  I’ll keep you updated. 


2 thoughts on “First day…

    1. Hello lovely, I dialysed for 2.5 hours yesterday and will be doing Monday-Friday this week. The same each day and maybe 2 hours on Friday but half an hour is nothing so I’ll prob just so 2.5 to tie me over I’ll Monday x


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