Day 2

Day 2 of training.  I set the machine up with my mentor watching over my shoulder and giving me the odd pointer.  I surprisingly remembered quite a lot from yesterday and will no doubt remember even more tomorrow.  

I put the 2 sets of lines on, primed the machine and set the dashboard up to control how much fluid I’m taking off and how long the session will last (2.5 hours, the same as yesterday). 

Once it becomes second nature, I’ll blog a step by step so you all know what it entails. 

The big news is that I decided to put some Emla cream on this morning.  Emla cream is local anaesthetic to numb my arm and it goes under a dressing like this: 

I was determined that I wasn’t going to get hung up on the needles and wanted to do it as soon as possible so I bit the bullet and did it today.  The top one with the help of my mentor holding my hand as I was pushing it in (so he could guide me with the angle and pressure).  The bottom needle I pushed in myself but didn’t quite get it in the right place so my mentor stepped in to manoeuvre it round.  But, I did it!! I’m so pleased with myself and it’s a massive hurdle.  The Emla cream worked wonders and I’ll be using it for the forseeable future.  I feel like a bit of a wimp using it but if it’s the only way I can needle myself at the minute I don’t mind.  (After all these aren’t ordinary sized needles they are 15 gauge ones.) 

The session went well. No dramas today and pretty uneventful once I was on.  My mentor has also shown me a new way of removing the needles which will take a bit of practice as it feels so unnatural, but I did them both again today. 

Some photos: 

This is the control panel.  The red lights represent blood.  The left and right side represent the bottom and top needle and the pressure in them. 


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