Day 3, 4 and 5 

It’s been a week of up and downs this week.  My ‘mentor’ is now aware of this blog so I’ve got to be careful what I say! (Only joking – we have good banter).  I suppose I should start calling him by his name – Dom.  Hi Dom, because no doubt you will be reading! 

The whole process is a lot to remember.  I’m managing to line the machine and prime the machine.  Set all the dashboard to take fluid and set my pump speed.  Mum kindly connects the lines to the needles and disconnects me from the machine – would be lost without her!  I couldn’t do it on my own – I’ve not got enough hands. 

I’m managing to needle myself, the top one I can get without help but the bottom one I struggle to get in the right place and Dom has to step in which is frustrating but all part of the learning process. 

Day 4 was one I would rather forget, I made a stupid mistake of not clamping the lines which resulted in saline going everywhere! Then I just seemed to make other stupid mistakes and it had a knock on effect which dented my confidence. 

After a little cry, a nap on the machine and some words of encouragement from Mum I felt better.   These early mornings aren’t helping, having to be in Liverpool by 7.15am Monday- Friday and getting used to dialysing everyday. 

Day 5 has been an improvement on day 4 and I’m feeling more confident as time goes on.  The room conversion is due to happen on 5th November and hopefully I’ll be home soon after that. 

I’ll be so glad of a lie in tomorrow and some time with A and Buddy. 

See Dom, no mention of you dropping the kidney off the machine and practically ripping my needles out!!! 

And here he is pretending to do some work: 


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