Not much to report with the training.  We are still going Monday to Friday and are making good progress.  I’ve got the hang of lining the machine and priming it ready to use.  

I’m still struggling with getting the needles in the right place but with some coaching from Dom I’m sure I’ll get there.  I’m putting the needles in myself I just need help with adjusting them so the flow is good and they sit in the right place.  

The dashboard of the machine is relatively easy to work and I can adjust the time, my fluid volume and pump speed with ease now as well as take my blood pressure.  

My Mum is doing great aswell and she can connect and disconnect me from the machine which is great because once my needles are in I’ve only got one spare hand.  

I can’t wait to get home now, it will be so much better and give me more freedom and flexibility.  The early mornings are hard but it’s only short term and I’m really focussed on getting home.  Although I am being spoilt…  



In other news… I treated Finley to some new shoes now he’s on the move and also had some lovely cuddles with Isla.


I was also successful in receiving PIP (Personal Independent Payment – new equivalent of Disability Living Allowance).  I received a back payment and so I’ve bought myself a new TV and bracket for the room that I will be dialysing in at my parents house. 



2 thoughts on “Training 

  1. Glad to read you are making progress even though it’s not the road of your first choice!

    My daughter Kristen and her 16 month old son, Brody, joined a Nephcure International walk in the US last Sunday, near Philadelphia, as Team Boo, for my son. It was our first fundraiser and quite moving (caught the double entendre?). .

    There was such a cross section of people affected by FSGS, NS… Since getting my toe wet, I hope to become more involved. I’m just not one to ask anyone for money or help.

    Enjoy the television,

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