Ivy turns 7

Today marks 7 years since I received that surreal call that a match had been found and my kidney transplant would go ahead.  (I gave my kidney the nickname Ivy, hence the blog title, incase you were confused).

This is the first year it is bittersweet.  Of course I will always be grateful for almost 7 years dialysis free and all the things I achieved in those years, but I’m not ashamed to say I wanted more time as selfish as it sounds.

Back then when I received my kidney I was innocent, I knew they didn’t last forever but I presumed I would be one of the lucky ones that had theirs for years, I thought the kidney may have seen me get married, maybe it would have lasted long enough for me to have a baby, (as many kidney recipients go onto have children.) This wasn’t meant to be… 

I will always be grateful to my donor and their family for making such a courageous decision and saying yes to organ donation at such a difficult time in their lives.  The last 7 years have been a whirlwind.  I graduated from uni (twice) I managed to have two full time jobs, move out of home, start a masters, get a doggy, go on some amazing holidays and meet my other half A.  Also not forgetting all the normal everyday things that people take for granted.  I was able to eat and drink anything I wanted to, go up the stairs without getting out of breath, walk without pain and not have to be kept alive by dialysis. 

I still find it surreal that I rely on a machine to keep me alive. But I am all to aware this is a luxury that people waiting for the transplantation of other organs such as heart, lungs or liver, don’t have.  They are living on borrowed time. 

In a few weeks time I will be back on the list and waiting for another phone call that will transform my life.  I will be waiting for another family to say yes to organ donation. I hope in the last 7 years I made my donor family proud. 

I now know fully that a transplant is not a cure for kidney disease it is a fantastic form of treatment, I also know that if I get another chance of a kidney I will not waste a second of it. 

If you want to do something today to celebrate Ivy turning seven. Sign the organ donor register and share your wishes with your friends or share this blog. 

Here’s to you Ivy. Thanks for the good times. 


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