This week

Training has gone reasonably well this week.  I’ve really got the hang of the machine now and set it all up unaided.  I’m getting more confident using the dashboard and solving any problems that may arise when the machine beeps.  

Mum is doing a fab job of passing the lines when I go on and come off.  A and my Dad have also both played nurse this week whilst my Mum had to venture over to Ireland for a family funeral. 

The needles at the minute are the biggest sticking point.  My arm became very bruised on Monday and each time since then it has taken a few attempts to get the needles in the correct place without any clots. 

Dom has mainly needled me this week with me starting off but him having to take over.  It takes a lot of pressure on my arm to first get through the skin, then get through the plastic of the graft.  Smaller needles were used on Thursday and Friday to allow my arm a bit of a rest and I have been prescribed some cream to help with the bruising which should mean the needles won’t clot off next week. 

Some snapshots taken during this weeks training: 



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