Taking a break 

This week is always an emotional one.  Celebrating the Gift of life I received 7 years ago and 4 years ago loosing the beautiful Rachy. When I think back to 4 years ago it was the most difficult thing to watch, your friend slip away, Rachys Mum and Dad allowed me in during their most difficult time and for that I will always be truly grateful.  And one year ago this week it was the last time I saw Emily.  I still can’t comprehend that she is not here.  I still go to message her on Facebook, ring her or whatsapp her.  It’s still so hard to believe she is gone.  If I had known that that would have been the last time I saw her I would have stayed a little longer, hugged her a little tighter and said I loved her one last time.  I miss her so much and don’t think I will ever have a friend like her again. She just ‘got’ me. 

So the culmination of all this leads to an emotional Holly and a break couldn’t come at a better time.   We are all taking a break. Back in May we all booked to go to a caravan in South Yorkshire.  My brothers family, me and A and the olds.  I booked it in the hope that I would be able to go but knowing full well I might not be able to as I would be on dialysis.  Unfortunately the latter happened and me and A can no longer go.  It has taken a lot of convincing the olds but I’m so pleased they are still going.  Don’t get me wrong I’m disappointed I won’t be there and see the kids enjoying their holiday but it can’t be helped and my health is more important. 

To make up for not being able to go A and I decided to go away for a  night more locally so we have booked into a gorgeous looking hotel in Shrewsbury.  The olds have treated us to a second night so we will have 3 days there which will be fab.  

This was booked in anticipation of getting my neckline out (in the hope I could use the spa, have a massage and go swimming – which thankfully I will be able to do!) but before I knew I would be doing home training so soon.  So I had originally asked to swap my Wednesday dialysis from the morning to the evening, now I am doing today and Friday in the home training ward and then the Wednesday evening back on the dialysis ward 6B adjusting my hours whilst I’m doing 3 days again instead of 5.  I’m thankful that the nurses have been understanding and been able to switch things round for me.   I’m on the machine as I type and we will be leaving straight after I finish (I’ll sleep in the car on the way). 

A break is just what I need and what A needs for putting up with me! I can’t wait to spend time together and put the last few horrible months behind us and look forward to our future. 


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