Dialysis Shenanigans

I feel like the past few weeks have been a vicious circle.  I get up at 6am, go to Liverpool and dialyse.  I then come home and don’t really feel up to much so rest or nap.  I do this Monday to Friday and then by the time the weekend comes I’m absolutely shattered and spend the weekend recovering.  

I know this is only temporary and thankfully if all goes well, this will be my last week training at the hospital.  

Dialysis the past few weeks has been ok, I’m growing in confidence with the machine but still having difficulty with the needles.  I don’t have a problem putting them in just getting them in the right place so they sit in the graft correctly.  

Here’s some photos of dialysis recently: 


Apart from the needling all is going well and it’s full steam ahead.  The room has been converted now and the workmen even put up my TV bracket and TV for me which was good of them.  Mum has started to add some home comforts to the room to make it less “hospital” looking, so it’s all coming together. 


Everything is provided by the hospital, other than the obvious stuff like the visitors chair, trolley and TV.  The tray on the floor has a sensor on it which means if water goes on it the supply will automatically be cut off to avoid big leaks. 

My machine, chair and all the supplies will be delivered this Thuraday and I will do my first session from home on Monday.  One of the home training team will come out everyday for the first few weeks to make sure I’m doing ok.  So it’s very scary but very exciting l at the same time.  I’m sure once my first session at home is done I’ll be fine. 


2 thoughts on “Dialysis Shenanigans

    1. I am dialysing at the training unit Monday to Friday and have the weekend off. Once I start at home I’ll still do 5 days but not leave 2 days in between unless I’m going away for the weekend or something xx


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