Hectic week

Last week was a busy one.  Full of lots of deliveries and visitors!  My machine, chair and supplies were all delivered.  We had a visit from the technician who will come every 3 months to service the machine and maintain it.  The technician plumbed the machine in and programmed all the computer, he told us all about the water pressure and how often the machine should be cleaned etc. 

This was just half the supplies! The other half arrived the next day! 

 My chair and machine all set up.

Me, my Mum and sister in law managed a night out this week as well to watch a local theatre companies production of Sister Act. It was lovely to get out with Mum somewhere that wasn’t the hospital! It was a great show! 

Also managed a walk round the block with this little munchkin…. 

And met A’s Dad’s new puppy Nova… 

Today has been spent at the Ideal Home Show followed by a lunch at Frankie and Bennys.  A wheeled me round, I’m still struggling with walking long distances so if it means I get to enjoy a day out rather than struggle walking round I will resort to using the chair.  Hopefully once I start dialysis at home and don’t have to travel I will feel lots better! 

It was a winter wonderland and we also got to meet Amy Childs (from TOWIE).  She was really lovely and running her own stall at the show, and working damn hard! 

Then tonight we’ve been unpacking the final supplies so I am ready for starting dialysis from home on Monday.  Mum and Dad have done a great job of making it look as homely as possible. 

Mum got all emotional saying goodbye and thank you to our trainer Dom on Friday, I think it was more panic than sadness.  I’m nervous but excited about Monday… Here’s to new beginnings! 





One thought on “Hectic week

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you, A, and your family. I hope your parents have a strong support system too as this must be so hard for all. Your nephew is too adorable,


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