There’s always tomorrow…

The shed for my supplies arrived at my parents house yesterday…  

 My dialysis session went without a hitch.  Zoe came at 11am and I had the machine all set up and ready to go so it was just a case of putting my needles in.  I say just a case of putting my needles in but it’s a long process, cleaning, setting up the trolley, cleaning my arm, taping the needles etc (once I’m more settled at home I’ll do some clips of my dialysis routine to give you more of an insight.) 

I got both needles in myself yesterday which was a big confidence boost.  We soon came back to reality with a bump this morning though.  I got both needles in myself but if one doesn’t sit quite right and touches the edge of the graft the machine doesn’t like it and it starts to alarm.  Luckily the nurse was still here and she had a fiddle with the needle using a syringe to check the flow. All was fine and taped back up and I managed 10 more minutes without it alarming, Zoe had left by this point as it was settled (so we thought).  

I tried everything that Zoe had tried, turning and repositioning the needle and tape, checking the flow with the syringe but nothing worked.  In the end we had to ring her and ask for advice, she said to just take myself off the machine and ‘there’s always tomorrow’.  

I only managed 35minutes of dialysis today, it was very frustrating but it can’t be helped, these things are going to happen.  I feel a bit deflated but I know it wasn’t my fault and I did everything I could to fix it before phoning up and before having to come off the machine.  I think we will be more prepared in the future for events like this and the most important thing in times like that is that I’m ok, feel ok and I’m off the machine ok without loosing the pack (the lines on the machine with all the blood in which would leave my blood count low). 

There’s always tomorrow and I’ll probably be doing 3 hours to make up for it…. 


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